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How to cure body odor permanently?

How to eliminate body odor internally?

98% of us, living humans, produce body odor. Chances are, you’re not in the lucky 2%. No need to fret though, you’re in good company. 
Bad news is you’re stuck with your own smell for life - so get used to it. Good news is there are solutions to minimize or improve your personal scent, and there are many studies that prove the effectiveness of each solution.
Now, you can always jump the gun and skip to the section of solutions below, but we think that’d hurt you more than it would our feelings. 
Why? We want you to be educated on what body odor is and how it works so that you can identify the cause of your own odor, and find the most personalized solution. This can eliminate hours at the store of trying to figure out what to buy based on labels and advertisements alone.
As they say, knowledge is power.

A breakdown of body odor.

What is body odor?

Body odor is the natural smell that comes from a person. 
Technically, not all body odors are unpleasant. The body produces a range of odorants, or substances that hold smells. Many of these are crucial for bodily functions. But, excessive buildup of bacterial compounds can cause noticeable smells on the skin.
Body odor starts to really take effect during puberty. This is because hormones and sweat glands ‘wake up’ and become more active at this time.
You may think sweat causes the odor, but in fact sweat is odorless.
Now, let's get into what does cause it:

What causes body odor?

Human body odor is cause by multiple factors including diet, sex, health and medication, but the primary contributor is bacteria on the surface of the skin.
There are about 1,000 species of bacteria on skin, yet the ones most relevant are called Corynebacterium jeikeium (CJ) and Staphylococcus haemolyticus (SH). CJ bacteria are found in the armpits of men, and SH in that of women.
Body odor smells work like this: The bacteria across your body (primarily your armpits) multiply pretty quickly over time, and when you sweat, they break down the sweat into acids that cause the unpleasant smells, in other words, the subject of our current discussion. 
So, although sweat itself does not cause odor, the interaction between it and the bacteria found on your body (most notably in your armpit) does cause the smell.
So, how can this help you decide how to address your body odor? First, knowing whether your problem is hyperhidrosis aka over sweating, or the smell itself can help you choose which methods to test out first.

How body odor is formed.

How to cure body odor permanently?

In order to minimize body odor, there are two objectives at play: remove active bateria, and/or lower the frequency of sweating.
Moisture hosts bacteria, so the more you sweat, the more bacteria multiplies.
How do you remove BO? Two ways: Externally and Internally.

1. Externally removing body odor

You may already be doing some of the following, but the more you integrate into your daily routine, the better shot you have at getting rid of those nasty families of bacteria that smell bad. 
But first remember, although body odor is usually associated with armpits, bacteria causes odor in the upper thighs, groin, anus area and feet. So make sure to keep all these areas clean as often as possible!

Ferris knows how to keep clean.

Prevention methods:

Topical Solutions: 

Deodorants: Deodorants work by killing the bacteria on your skin. The determining factor for most people nowadays is whether the deodorant is natural or not. Traditional deodorant uses active ingredients including Triclosan, Parabens, Propylene Glycol (and other petrochemicals). Deodorants with these ingredients are extremely effective for immediate use, but may be harmful for long term use.

What’s wrong with these ‘unnatural’ deodorants?

First, the bacteria that causes your body odor is not all bad. It also acts as an immune system booster. Using Triclosan has shown to contribute to the development of antibiotic-resistant germs. This could lead you to becoming sick more frequently.
Parabens are a synthetic preservative and they penetrate the skin and micic estrogen which can be carcinogenic.
Finally, Propylene Glycol is a neurotoxin that has been proven to cause skin inflammation, kidney, and liver damage. 
If you recall from earlier, when I said it would be useful to know if your body odor issue is excessive sweating or simply odor, well this is why.
Antiperspirants work by temporarily blocking sweat pores. This reduces the amount of perspiration that reaches the skin. The active, yet controversial, ingredient is an aluminum-based compound. 
Many have theorized that these are carcinogenic but in fact no studies have linked their use to cancer.
Now, onto the second method to remove body odor.

2. Internally removing body odor

There are a few ways you can tackle body odor through what you consume - and just as importantly what you don’t.

One cause of body odor can be in the food you eat. Several foods are known to contain compounds that exude body odors. Here are ones to keep an eye out for:
Chlorophyll: Chlorophyll has observable positive effects on body odor and bad breath.
Chlorophyll at a microscopic level

How does it work?

Once absorbed, the molecules that make up Chlorophyll have the unique ability to bind to unwanted molecules (including the bacteria that cause body odor).
When Chlorophyll binds to these molecules, it holds onto them until our bodies excrete it. In doing so, Chlorophyll gets rid of the bacteria and suppresses their smell on the way out.

Recommended body odor products:

Antibacterial Body Wash: Remedy Soap

Making sure to kill bacteria is key in the war against body odor. We recommend Remedy Soap for it’s natural ingredients (i.e. tea tree, peppermint), effectiveness and affordable price. 


Natural Deodorant: Native

If the downsides to traditional deodorant’s ingredients scare you, Native is an effective alternative. Native is Paraben-Free and Aluminum-Free with healthy alternative ingredients.

Chlorophyll: Chlorophyll Detox Gummies by Common Treat

Body odor is unpleasant, what’s not is a tasty gummy that makes you smell better! Chlorophyll, a natural herbal supplement, is proven to target and eliminate the toxins and bacteria that cause body odor. A product that tastes great has zero sugar and the exact amount of chlorophyll you need to keep your mouth smelling great are the Detox Chlorophyll Gummies by Common Treat. 
Two gummies a day will keep the stink away!
The Delicious and Effective Common Treat Detox Gummy

The Bottom Line:

Everyone is born with a signature scent. Some smell more than others. Some sweat more than others. But the takeaway is what one does to address their body odor issues. 
Although there are some factors you cannot control, there are many others you can. This includes your hygiene and cleanliness, your food and supplement intake, as well as what topical products you use. 
We recommend that you start your day off with a shower using antibacterial soap, deodorize your armpits with a paraben and aluminum-free deodorant + antiperspirant and finally chew on two delicious Common Treat gummies to maximize your good smell.
Cheers to a stink-free future!