The Common Treat Way

Common Treat exists for one reason:
To support your good health in the most pleasant way possible.

How it's made

All our gummies begin life as herbs found across the world from South America to Asia.

After being picked by farmers, these herbs are shipped to one of our partner facilities that uses a proprietary process to press, and extract the herbs into fine, potent powders that can then be infused by us into our vegan, sugar-free and gluten-free gummies. 

But before the gummies are made, we send our ingredients to third party labs to test for safety and purity of the quality product you will be receiving.

After approval, and successful testing, the gummies are then made in our state-of-the-art cGMP compliant, FDA approved and allergen-free facility. They are labeled, packaged and from our base in Miami, FL USA, we ship it directly to you!

Ingredients, Explained.

Detox Gummy

Perform Gummy

Third Party Cerfiticates

Detox Gummy

Perform Gummy

Our Story

Common Treat is a nutrition brand that invents naturally potent, high-quality and tasty solutions to common life circumstances.

Our team was frustrated from taking those unappetizing-but-necessary pill and powder supplements. 

So, we took our combined decade-long experience in food science and nutrition to develop sugar-free, natural and effective gummies.

Cheers to transforming supplements to treats!

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